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disidencia ritual (ritual dissent)

Rituals are part of the communities in which we grow up. They help to shape our identities and determine how we live in society. This generates a collective nexus that allows us to thrive on an individual level, as well as to establish ourselves as social animals. To ignore the gradual loss and disappearance of rituals in our societies is to ignore the bonds that bind us to others; we lose parts of our identity and memory, falling into rampant individualism.

disidencia ritual is a multimedia piece that serves as an artistic meditation from an ecofeminist perspective on trees, the human body, and the cyclical relation that binds them. This musical piece is part of a ritual based on the connection between the cyclical nature of the Earth, the moon, and women’s bodies expressed through electroacoustic sounds and various visual elements.

Elena Perales Andreu - direction, composition, video, and performance
Lucía Aragón - painting and video
Ana María Bermúdez - scenography

HFMT - Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg
KMH - Kunglinga Musikhögskolan i Stockholm